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The devastation in Lahaina Town on the island of Maui is staggering. Nearly 300 structures including restaurants, businesses and homes have been destroyed, bringing the historic town of Lahaina to it’s knees, crippling the once flourishing community and its residents. Nearly 60 people have been left dead thus far while families search local shelters for loved ones as the death toll rises. Local citizens and those trapped in the local communities, without power, radio or internet, have little refuge as they struggle to reunite with loved ones, presumed lost to raging wild fire. 


Its time for us all to step up and make a difference.

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Lahaina Disaster Relief

60 mile per hour winds caused the fire to quickly dominate Lahaina Town within just a few short hours of igniting, causing mass destruction lasting over 3 days including loss of lives, restaurants, businesses and a historical treasure that will never recover to thrive as it once was.

The death count is “rising,” Maui County Police Chief said in the news conference Thursday afternoon, adding that he does not know what the final number might be. “It’s going to be horrible and tragic when we get that number,” he said. “Authorities do not know how many people remain missing,” Maui county fire chief Bradford Ventura said in response to a question at the press conference. “There’s no power. There’s no internet. There’s no radio coverage,” he said. “It may take weeks to months to get power back up in some of the affected places,” Gov. Josh Green said. Power poles, he said, had been incinerated. More than 10,000 customers remained without power in Maui County by Thursday evening with no internet or connection to the outside world. It’s a devastating situation.

Unite and Aid


The citizens of Lahaina Town need your help. We need to unify and contribute all that we can. As a unified society we can provide aid in the form of clothing, batteries, non-perishable food, airfare credits and financial assistance.


It’s time we ban together and help.



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Lahaina Love Disaster Relief

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Lahaina Love

Disaster relief

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